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Welcome to Dallas Township. Formed in 1817. Home of the Mountaineers!

Welcome to the official website for the Municipality of Dallas Township. This website is designed to provide many useful pieces of information concerning our municipality, our community, and to help connect people with available information concerning their safety and well being.

Chapin Dehydration Facility
As of Wednesday, 4/9/14, 8:30 a.m.
Residents living near the Chapin Dehydration Facility have witnessed several recent incidents at the site. As of right now, with reports still coming in, this is what I have been able to ascertain:
-The smoke coming from the stack was related to a malfunctioning re-burner. They are in the process of replacing the burner. It was reported to me that the smoke was actually steam and the weather conditions pushed the discharge downward instead of up.
-The odor experienced last evening was reportedly mercaptan; we are getting mixed readings on the gas meters, but will advise.
PVR claims that a door was left open when they changed the tank.
Still waiting to hear from Williams-Transco as they are in charge of the mercaptan.
Sorry for the sketchy report, but this is all I know at the moment.
Supervisor Liz Martin
Water Main Break - Rt. 309/Grandview Ave.

This is to apprise you of the following issuer egarding a water main operated by United Water Pennsylvania in Dallas Township

Main Break:  There is a minor main break near the intersection of Route 309 and Grandview Avenue.  It was discovered during the course of leak detection work performed by our technician this morning.  It is a 6-inch cast iron water main.  Our superintendent does not anticipate any significant reduction in water pressure for customers on Grandview Avenue, noting that a small clamp will be used to make the quick repair.  The larger concern is with traffic flow on Route 309. 
Dallas Township Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 1

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Zoning Hearing Board Vacancy - Deadline
Letters of interest for the Dallas Township Zoning Hearing Board vacancy are being accepted from interested Dallas Township residents thru Friday, March 21 at 4:00 p.m. Email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; or submit to the Township office.
Water Main Break - Goss Manor

March 14 (Afternoon) Main Break Affects 20 Customers In Dallas Township

Repair Work Underway

Dallas Township, PA,  Mar 13, 2014,   3:00 p.m.

A water main break that occurred on a 4-inch diameter main at mid-afternoon today is causing low water pressure for approximately 20 Dallas Township customers on the following streets:  Hillcrest Drive, Highland Drive and a small portion of Grandview Avenue.

United Water crew members have begun repairing the main.  This work could take until early evening to complete.  Affected customers will experience intermittent low water pressure for the duration of repairs.

Any affected customers who experience discolored water should run their COLD water tap for a few minutes until it clears.  Discolored water can result from water main breaks.

Recent deepening of the frost line in many areas of Luzerne County is associated with the cause of several recent water main breaks.

Be advised that no fire hydrants were impacted by this main break, according to our Operations Superintendent.


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