Suspicious Characters and Activities

From Dallas Township Police Chief Robert Jolley...


If you do see a suspicious person or action, call the police immediately using 911 and answer all questions asked. Do not hang up.

Be prepared to give an identifying description of the suspicious person, such as:






Hair / Facial hair


Auto make, model, color

License plate number

Please, be willing to talk with a police officer as to what you observed and what is suspicious about the person and activity. Your observations are greatly appreciated by law enforcement.

Williams-Transco Atlantic Sunrise Project
At the request of Williams-Transco, an informational meeting will take place tomorrow afternoon (5/8/14) with Township officials, at 3:00 p.m., to provide an informational presentation related to its proposed Atlantic Sunrise Project.
Dallas Township Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 1

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Snow Emergency - Fire Hydrants
   All Back Mountain residents with fire hydrants on their properties are required to remove snow buildup from around them. As snow plows continue to pile snow next to the roadways, our fire departments are reporting that the hydrants are being completely covered and obliterated from view. As of this writing, there are several in Dallas Township that need to be uncovered right away.
   There have already been a number of structure fires in the Back Mountain this winter. Please be aware of this and considerate of those homes that could readily be saved by access to the water from these hydrants.
Congratulations to Back Mt. Regional Fire & EMS!

    Congratulations to Back Mountain Regional Fire & EMS (BMR) for being selected by the PA Emergency Health Services Council as the 2013 EMS Agency of the Year – Small Agency Division.
    The award recognizes BMR for providing outstanding service as part of the PA Emergency Medical Services System. This was achieved by working cooperatively with our surrounding community organizations and municipalities to make many changes that included increasing our level of service and facilitating a change from traditional EMS protocols to a new standard that brings a higher level of service to the community with quicker response times.
    The public announcement of this year’s award recipients will occur on Thursday, August 15, 2013 and again on Thursday, September 26, 2013 during the opening ceremonies of the 36th Annual Pennsylvania State EMS Conference, which is being held at the Lancaster County and Blair County Convention Centers respectively.
    The actual award presentation will occur on November 23, 2013 in conjunction with the annual Pennsylvania Fire and Emergency Services Institute Dinner in Camp Hill, PA.
    Thank you all who supported BMR and had a hand in making these improvements. This is another example of the Back Mountain being recognized on a statewide level for working together at making improvements for our region.


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